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In 2018 we started making plans to build our dream farm and the animals we would fill it up with! It all started with a little silkie rooster, Mr. Chicken! He easily fell into the role as our team mascot and fearless leader. In the last 4 years, we have started breeding cattle, pigs, goats, sheep... and a few chickens! Seasonally, we sell live lambs, goats and chickens to other fellow farmers. 

In addition to the farm, we built a hemp extraction facility where we process hemp utilizing CO2 extraction systems and turn the hemp plant into a full spectrum oil (CBD) that can be utilized for edible or topical purposes. We don't grow hemp at this time, but we purchase from local growers.  Products we create combining hemp with other natural ingredients can be found at:  

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We provide a loving home to a collection of farm animals that in turn, provide us with byproducts we can turn into healthy, all natural products for our local community members!

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